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Open your mind to the possibilities waiting for YOU! Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines? Does your life feel like it is unfulfilled and empty?

Stop living in the shadows because your life begins at this moment.

I am here to help you find your strengths and weaknesses, realize your life vision, build concrete activities to meet your goals, and assess your progress.

This all adds up to YOU expressing YOUR creative genius. Move forward and start living your best life today!

My Book

Find out how to care for yourself and your aging parents. You will learn healthy lifestyle strategies, educational theories, and the benefits of group interactions.

Apply these techniques to a four-step method for successful aging. Release your worries and have confidence as a caregiver. Enjoy peace of mind as your parents thrive and live life to the fullest. Reclaim your joyful and vibrant life as your parents age.



It is my passion to teach and speak about building exceptional experiences to educate and transform others.

My talks are geared toward YOUR goals. Personal development strategies that involve communication, goal setting, healthy habits, and life purpose are highlighted. Learn a four-step method that promises success on many levels. 


What would life be without humor?

I believe in and love the creative process. I chose a whimsical name for my creative coaching because I also believe that life should be fun.

Although creating takes work and can be intense, it should also be enjoyable and open to possibilities.

Your body, brain, and spirit were made to bring new and bold creations into this world. Need help? 

Check it out!


Experiences are critical to learning and learning is critical to living well. 

My four-step method, Experi-Age, helps you find your strengths as well as weaknesses, realize your life vision, set goals and use concrete activities to reach your goals and highest potential.

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My writing consists of stories based on my experiences and knowledge that shed a light on my passion for personal development. Click on image below for blog post.

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